The history of SCARPA footwear, in the world of trail running, is well represented by its pay-off “NO PLACE TOO FAR” through which the Company, specialized in the production of mountain footwear, establishes its orientation towards the future, its goal to go further and further and never stop in front of limits.

The concept of going beyond one’s limits also applies to the philosophy and production reality of SCARPA able to develop in just few years, through research and innovation, trail running shoes that are practically perfect on any type of terrain. Each pair of shoes, in fact, is produced on the basis of some essential assumptions:

  • improve performance
  • guarantee extreme comfort
  • maximum durability

The innovation process and the search for continuous improvement takes place by listening to the needs of the athletes. Several tests are conducted with the Ambassadors, expert athletes who wear the SCARPA Spin Ultra or Neutron 2 every day on the most demanding training sessions or ultra trail races evaluating:

  • reactivity when changing pace
  • cushioning over long distances
  • protection on rocky terrain in the Alps
  • • grip on different terrains
  • comfort for the feet despite the many hours of competition

Both the TRM athletes and the Coaches will wear the SCARPA trail running shoes in the new tests and in ultra trail races with the goal of repeating the excellent results achieved in the past.

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