Running shoes are the winning weapon for a trail running or mountain running athlete. They must support her or him to “grind” kilometers in complete safety. The first concern of a trail runner or mountain running athlete, therefore, must be the good condition of the shoes that will guarantee performance in the race and protection from injuries.

Dean Karnazes, very famous ultra runner, recently said: “Do you want a strong and solid relationship that takes you far? Get to know your running shoes ”!

Do you really know all about your running shoes? Can you recognize if the time has come to change your running shoes?

Here are the 5 Test that show the need to change your running shoes:

  1. Mileage. Reached 600km it’s time to change them even if they look perfect on the outside. To make sure you always get the best cushioning, start alternating a new pair with the old one starting at 200km. When racing remember to wear running shoes with no more than 100km
  2. Cracks or major streaks in the midsole. The presence highlights that the shoe has lost its cushioning properties and can no longer be used for long workouts
  3. Seen from behind. Place the running shoes on a table and look at them from the heel side. If they hang on one side, the sole gives way, it means that they are in an advanced state of wear, at least on one side, and risk affecting your running biomechanics
  4. Broken insoles. While it’s not always synonymous with a worn shoe, take off the insole and look at it underneath. If in some areas it is very worn, it is still a sign of wear and loss of its technical properties
  5. “Strange” pains you have never suffered from. One day, suddenly and unexpectedly, “strange” pains begin to appear in the heel, tarsus, knee or various muscle groups. Worn shoes are often the main cause of these pains. First of all, the loss of cushioning that no longer protects the limbs from impact with the ground.

Have you found that your shoes show signs of wear? Prioritize buying a new pair!

If you are a trail runner who prefers online purchases and is attentive to the quality / price ratio, you can evaluate the CimAlp men’s and women’s trail running shoes offer. Excellent solution, particularly suitable for fast races in the Apennines.

These are the shoes worn by the Omani UTMB winner and tested by TRM Coaches and CimAlp Testers. They will allow you to start in the best possible way for your workouts, thanks also to the interchangeable insoles with differentiated drop of 4, 6, 8 millimeters. A unique innovation on the market! You can change Drop according to your needs, they are versatile and interchangeable.                                             

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