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5 Continents, 1,200,000 Contacts, 180 Training Plans, 7 Stages on Alte Vie and Mont Blanc mountain trails, 12 events, and more

MAIN SERVICES offered by Trail Running Movement in 2015

  • Training programs with TRM Method for experts and beginners (TRM Training)
  • Trail Running Stages on Italian and International race tracks (TRM Endurance Stage)
  • Organization of training sessions on the most beautiful Alte Vie in Italy (TRM Trail Camp)
  • Product test on behalf of major brands for technical clothing, gear and equipment, carried out under conditions of high stress (TRM Product Test)
  • Trail Running Courses for beginners (TRM Course)

FIGURES achieved by Trail Running Movement in 2015

  • 1,200,000 Contacts via the World Wide advertising campaign in 5 Continents and in 4 Languages
  • 580,000 Likes on the top TRM posts
  • 25,000 Km during training and racing by the TRM Team
  • 2,820 followers on Facebook and the equivalent on the other TRM Social Networks
  • 180 Training plans with TRM Method
  • 47 Athletes in the International TRM Group trained with the TRM method
  • 12 events including courses, workshops, conferences and exhibition fairs
  • 8 Podiums won by the Elite 5 TRM Team in Italian and international competitions
  • 0.5% dropout rate on total trail running competitions by the TRM Team

Trail Running Movement Logo; TRM corporate