Trail Running Movement closes 2016 with growing numbers

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REVIEW of Trail Running Movement best results in 2016

  • 7400 Followers on FaceBook and many other contacts on TRM Social Networks
  • 83 Athletes joined the TRM International Group and train with TRM method
  • 9 are the Countries of origin of the trained athletes: Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Russia, Hungary, Argentina, South Africa and Japan
  • 272.160km is the distance covered by the TRM Group of Athletes
  • 327 are the races entered by TRM Athletes
  • 5 are the main distances for which the athletes trained: 45km (35 athletes); 80km (10 athletes); 120km (14 athletes); 167km (12 athletes); 330 km (10 athletes); 900km (2 athletes)
  • 19 Podiums won in national and international competitions
  • 16 athletes in the top 10 in the races
  • 2,3% the withdraw rate in the competitions
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