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During Spring time it is necessary to increase mileage during long runs to get ready for Summer ultra trails. Unfortunately in some weekends the weather can be critical: wind, rain, low temperatures, muddy ground. Assuming that it is essential to train even in extreme conditions to prepare mentally to face the most difficult situations in trail running competition, the TRM Coaches suggest a possible alternative workout that will save your long run session.

Exercise – 40km long splitted into 2 sessions:

  1. start early in the morning running 15-20km on the treadmill, varying the inclination every 4km up and down in order to simulate a wavy path
  2. after the 1st training session, wait no more than 4-6 hours before starting the 2nd outdoor session when the temperatures have risen and you can better deal with the bad weather conditions.

Remember that to get the best possible result from this training you should wear the your camelbak with water reserve and adjust your diet before, during and after training.

Enjoy your trail running training!

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