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What is the best Christmas gift for a Trail Runner? Have you already thought about it?

This year the holidays and Christmas will be different, in some ways difficult and perhaps far from our loved ones….

But why should we stop dreaming? Despite the difficulties, we must look to the future, we should not not lose hope and move forward.

…. It is never too late to get into the Christmas spirit and to start working to make sure your dreams come true ….

What is your dream? Or that of your dearest companion or companion on trail running adventures? That’s Easy! Crossing the finish line of the highly desired ultra trail, canceled and rescheduled in 2021, or the dream of a life… As you well know, for certain races and inner adventures such as the TOR on the Alte Vie of the Aosta Valley, the Ultra Trails on the Mont Blanc, the Ultra Trails of the Cime di Lavaredo or the Marathons in the Desert such as the MDS you need to prepare in time and, maybe, with the support of those who have already accompanied dozens of athletes to the finish line.

It’s time to make the right choice! Choose your most special gift of 2020 from one of the 60 training programs available to tackle any adventure or race in the world.

Is it a gift for a loved one?  No problem, we will help you:

  1. choose the plan;
  2. add a dedication
  3. receive the digitized color file that we will send you

You will only prepare the gift box that you like best and  put it under the tree!

Why should you choose a TRM program? Because our training programs will allow to:

  • optimize athletic training in line with the athlete’s potential and the races calendar
  • balance workloads between training, competitions and recovery time
  • improve running technique off-road on different types of terrain
  • develop adaptation to running at night
  • strengthen the muscle-tendon and joint aspects to prevent injuries
  • train for prolonged endurance (Endurance)
  • choose the correct gear and apparel according to the competition conditions


Which program should you choose? Have a look at Our Suggestions…….

To admire the most beautiful peaks in Italy, with the LUT®, do as Filippo and choose the TRM Trail 120km program. Find out more about the whole program here: TRM Plan 120K

To fall in love with Mont Blanc, with the CCC®, the TDS® or the UTMB® do as Paolo and choose the TRM Trail 167km program. Find out more about the entire program here: TRM Plan 167K

To achieve the Tor Des Geants® goal, do as Tea and choose the TRM Endurance Trail 330km program. Find out more about the entire program here: TRM Plan 330K

To challenge the impossible and your extreme limit, with the Tor Des Des Glaciers®, do as Stefano and choose the TRM Endurance Trail 500km programFind out more about the entire program here: TRM Plan 500K

If you dream of an ultra trail in the desert like the Marathon Des Sables®, do as Federico and choose the TRM Desert Running programFind out more about the entire program here: TRM Desert Running

If, on the other hand, you prefer a TRM Voucher, because you do not know your loved one’s dream or you prefer to leave them free to choose a training program for a road marathon or a race strategy program or a fantastic TRM Camp in the 5 Terre National Park or on the Mont Blanc choose one or more Vouchers here: Voucher Gift

Are you looking for something different? Consult the online catalog and you will find inspiration and many proposals here: Catalog TRM Training Plans

Merry Christmas and happy sports year!

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Cristina Tasselli

Digital Strategic Marketing Director - certified Innovation Manager - in multinational companies, she is still today the only Italian female athlete to have ran 900 km and 55,000m D+ in the mountains in a single stage race (Transpyrenea 2016, 3rd women overall). She counts numerous Podiums and international Victories on races over 100k. She holds a SNaQ CONI certification as a Trail Running Coach, Athletic Trainer and in Nutrition and Sports Supplementation. Since 2014 she is President and sports executive of innovative technology startups and companies, including Trail Running Movement and Digital Sport 360. She trains elite trail running athletes and she teaches in trail running coach certification courses. She is an author of sports articles on training, nutrition and supplementation in trail running and running, both in Italian and in English and Spanish. She manages relationships and collaborations with Federations and Race Organizers.