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When choosing a pair of Trail Running you should consider your: Characteristics, Training frequency, Terrain, Race distance. It turns out, therefore, that holding a single pair of shoes will not be enough for all different kinds of training sessions and competitions.
The crucial criteria for a pair of Trail Running shoes are: Comfort, Cushioning, Adherence to the foot, Protection, Lacing, Dynamism, Grip and Sole.
Here is the Decalogue of the TRM TEAM for your best buy:
1. Do not follow fashion trends, wait at least 3 months after the launch of new shoes model, so you will have more reviews from athletes and specialized magazines to read
2. Do not buy any type of trail running shoes proposed by a shop or an inexperienced friend, ask advices to athletes and coaches who have already tested several models
3. Evaluate neutral shoes, unless you have received previews special indications by your orthopedic. Although as a road runner you are a pronator or a supinator, the diversity of terrains in the practice of trail running often nullifies any effect
4. Try shoes on both feet wearing technical and thicker trail running socks
5. Buy a bigger size than your everyday shoes, since the feet while running endurance tend to swell and your fingers do not have to touch in front
6. If you are not Kilian, choose well protected shoes
7. Analyze well the rigidity of the shoe buttress at the level of the heel where the Achilles tendon is inserted. Many sports brands stiffen that part to much to ensure more stability to the shoes, but this may cause blisters to the heel and calcaneal bursitis
8. Turn the shoe upside-down, with one hand touching the front and the other one the back, bend it and evaluate the flexibility. Rigid shoes may cause inflammation of the Achilles tendon
9. Gore-Tex or similar are waterproof but if water penetrates, your feet will remain wet.
10. Always take advantage of your past sports experiences when purchasing a new pair of shoes.

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