Practicing trail running, regardless of whether or not you have good eyesight, you spend many hours outdoors, so glasses are an absolutely essential element. Furthermore, the glasses, in addition to performing a function against UV rays, protect you against low branches, insects and dust. Therefore, we believe it is essential to wear them.

The main criteria on which to base the purchase choice are:

  • technicality, i.e. they must be designed for Trail Running and take into account the characteristics of this sport, whether it is eyeglasses or sunglasses
  • ergonomics, they must adapt to the physiognomy and must not move during physical activity
  • lightness, as they are worn for many hours

Photochromic glasses yes or no? Both answers can be valid, the type of route and the duration must be considered. If you opt for photochromic glasses, they must adapt perfectly to the brightness changes. The transition from level 1 (semi-transparent) to level 3 or 4 (maximum protection) must happen quickly

Graduated glasses or contact lenses? The new generation contact lenses are of high quality. Those for daily use, for example, are used by elite athletes during marathon races and can also be worn for training and trail running races of short and medium duration. Conversely, contact lenses can be difficult to manage in long running sessions and competitions, with significant climate changes and the risk of loss or the onset of problems. In these cases, it is better to opt for graduated trail running glassesĀ that various brands have developed ad hoc

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