TRM has tried for you the new customizable CimAp VISION ONE glasses designed for Trail Running and Running.

The first thing that you notice is the posibility to customize each element of the VISION ONE model. You have 18,000 possible combinations that allow you to create glasses tailored for you, according to your unique characteristics.

You can choose:

  • shape
  • the color of the lens
  • the color of the frame
  • the color of the ends
  • the color of the nose bridge.

You can choose your favorite colors, coordinated with your way of being, your style, which even those who run do not give up.

Going into the specifics of the technical qualities, we noticed 5 important elements that make this eyewear a “must have” for those who run in the mountains:

  1. The lenses are ultra-ventilated with 6 vents and NoFoG coating to prevent fogging
  2. They are UV 400 (100% anti-UV) and compatible with optical insert (available separately);
  3. They weigh only 26g, they are rimless and ultra light
  4. They guarantee maximum comfort. The ends and the nose bridge are flexible and adjustable in such a way as to adapt to the shape of your face and remain stable during the run
  5. Snug and ergonomic, they look good on everyone

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