Wearing a pair of waterproof overgloves when it rains or snows is highly recommended for trail running. Cold in the hands is subjective and is linked to the functioning of the thermoregulation system of each athlete, however, in particular climatic situations, it is essential to preserve your body heat starting from the extremities, which are more exposed to heat loss (head, hands, feet) . This is the reason why waterproof overgloves are listed in the mandatory equipment in several Ultra Trail races.

How to choose the best waterproof overgloves?

Many trail runners adopt different solutions including: kitchen gloves used for dish washing or surgical gloves that are worn over 1st layer running gloves.

It can be an acceptable choice for short-distance training or competitions, at very low altitudes and with temperatures that are not excessively rigid, but, in other cases, the risk is to end up with wet hands followed by the freezing of your fingers. The main problem is in fact linked to the breathability of the materials that trap water vapor.

We have interview our Coaches and Elite Athletes and made a list of tips for you:

  • Choose overgloves designed for ski mountaineering, usually the technology in this sport is very advanced
  • Opt for a slightly larger size to ensure an air gap between the 1st layer gloves and the overgloves
  • Buy warm, soft and breathable 1st layer gloves and carry a spare pair with you in your backpack, well protected in a waterproof bag
  • For very long sessions or races, it may also be useful to carry a small hand warmer to activate as needed
  • In case of critical weather conditions (thunderstorms or heavy snowfalls), at night, wear ski gloves (mittens are the best choice if you want to keep your hands warm

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