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MAira Occitan TRail view of mountains and a trail runner


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Take part in the extraordinary trail running race: the MOT Maira Occitan Trail in the suggestive Valle Maira, sponsored by Adidas Terrex. From 5 to 8 October 2023, you will have the opportunity to choose from four exciting competitions, designed to raise awareness of the beauties of Piedmont.

Located in the Cottian Alps on the border between Italy and France, the Maira Valley is easily accessible from Turin, Valle d’Aosta, Liguria and Lombardy, making the event within reach for many enthusiasts .

The racing options are suitable for all levels of athletes and will allow you to immerse yourself in the enchanting autumn landscape.

Discover the three trail running challenges in Valle Maira:

The MOT 4x40K is one of the rare stage races in Italy, offering the possibility to compete over long distances over several days, fully exploring the fascinating Western Alps.

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Trail Runner at Maira occitan trail running on mountain with a church

In the evocative context of Piedmont, not far from Cuneo, lies the Valle Maira, a place that jealously preserves its ancient soul.

This enchanting corner of nature is renowned not only for its pristine natural beauty, but also for the art, history, archeology and popular traditions that animate the region. Here you have the extraordinary opportunity to experience trail running in its original spirit (“trail spirit”). In addition to being a paradise for trail running enthusiasts, Valle Maira hosts popular festivities that tell its story and present a myriad of gastronomic delicacies that will satisfy every palate.

Map of Valle Maira with all trail running routes


TRail runner runnig off road at Maira Occitan Trail

Exploring this valley is an authentic experience that perfectly combines outdoor sports (such as trail running, mountain biking and others), cultural heritage and the majesty of the Southern Cottian Alps, making every step an unforgettable journey.

Enchantingly free, wrapped in a pristine green robe, the Maira Valley has remained intact over time, resisting the advance of cement and the installation of ski lifts with determination. This unique place is a true paradise for those who embrace the spirit of slow tourism, where time slows down and allows you to fully enjoy the surrounding beauty. A true gem for outdoor enthusiasts, Valle Maira offers endless opportunities to immerse yourself in natural adventures and outdoor activities.


Valle Maira tipical food: potatos and cheese

In the enchanting Valle Maira, gastronomy embraces the flavors of the land with a touch of Provençal influences, creating a perfect union between tradition and adventure. This place, loved by trail running enthusiasts, offers refreshment to the senses and spirit.

Among the delicacies, the Bagna Cauda stands out, a Piedmontese sauce steeped in history, born thanks to the trade in anchovies. This dish is the culinary representation of the energy and vitality that outdoor enthusiasts find in the trails of the valley. Bagna Cauda, ​​with its seasonal vegetables, cooked or fresh, joins the unique experience of trail running, in which the power of nature blends with the passion for running. But it doesn’t end there. The Prazzo potato, renowned and appreciated, reveals its versatility in Castelmagno gnocchi. A plate that evokes the tenacity and audacity of trail runners as they tackle challenging trails. In this combination of culinary tradition and outdoor sports, Valle Maira stands out as a place where cooking and trail running intertwine in a unique adventure for the palate and for the soul. You can find the best traditional restaurants here:


The MOT organization has created various events, perfect for any level of Trail Runner and also suitable for the families of athletes who wish to experience this discipline for the first time.

Remember that if you need a training program for trail running stage or long distance races, you can find all the training plans here:

But now let’s get to the heart and see, together, these wonderful end-of-season races in detail.


  • Km and D+: 175Km, 9200m D+
  • Date: 5-8 October (start time: 7:00 am)
  • Type of race: solo stage race or team relay stage race
  • Points: 4 ITRA Points (Solo version)


Trail runners competing at Maira Occitan Trail on a mountain slope

The longest race of the Maira Occitan Trail event is the MOT 4x40K stage race which crosses the most enchanting sceneries of the splendid Valle Maira.

Spread over four days of excitement, this epic challenge offers trail running enthusiasts four daily stages of about 40/45 km each. At sunset, the awaited rest awaits the runners in the region’s extraordinary accommodation facilities, where the pleasures of the palate blend with restorative energy. Participants will be able to take advantage of the free shuttle services included in the cost of the bib, simplifying travel and focusing exclusively on managing overnight stays. Alternatively, you can opt for an all-inclusive package that includes half-board accommodation and transport each way, for unrivaled convenience.

For more details on the event and how to participate, visit:

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The 4 stages of the race in brief

The 1st stage starts from the Ciciu geological park in Villar San Costanzo and going up the left side of the valley it ends in Stroppo.

MOT 4x4 Trail altitude profile day 1

The 2nd stage from Stroppo proceeds in a north-westerly direction up to the enchanting municipality of Elva to touch the slopes of Monte Chersogno up to 2600 meters and ends in the characteristic village of Chiappera with the famous Rocca Castello-Provenzale.

MOT 4x4 Trail altitude profile day 2

The 3rd stage starting from Chiappera after passing two hills crosses the entire Gardetta plateau dominated by the splendid Rocca la Meja, one of the symbolic mountains of the Maira Valley. The race ends in Marmora.

MOT 4x4 Trail altitude profile day 3

The 4th and last stage from Marmora along the Napoleonic path reaches the characteristic villages of Macra and Celle and then ends after a long descent in Dronero, capital of the Maira Valley.

MOT 4x4 Trail altitude profile day 4


  • Km and D+: 38Km, 2100mt D+
  • Date: 7 October (start time: 8:00 am)
  • Type of race: Solo
  • Points: 2 ITRA points


MOT 38kkm Trail altitude profile

Embark on the thrilling Maira Occitan Trail starting from Chiappera, a point of origin nestled beside the famed Rocca Castello.

This exhilarating route traverses twin hills, guiding participants across the expanse of the Gardetta plateau, overseen by the commanding presence of Rocca la Meja, a distinguished mountain emblem within the Maira Valley.

The culmination of this extraordinary journey unfolds in Marmora, where the Village awakens, pulsating as the central hub for all Maira Occitan Trail activities. Athletes find respite at refreshment stations while exploring an array of captivating booths, marking the vibrant heart of this event

For more details on the route, visit the page:

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  • Km and D+: 18Km, 900mt D+
  • Date: 7 October (start time: 9:30 am)
  • Type of race: Solo


Trail runners running in ancient villages in Valle Maira

MOT 18kkm Trail altitude profile

The MOT 18K race is the most accessible of the scheduled competitions, but certainly not without its charm. The route winds through the suggestive Marmora valley, alternating crossings of historic villages with wooded stretches and panoramic paths on the ridge. In the end, the participants return to Marmora, near the Village, where a refreshment point will welcome them.

Register before the 31st of August 2023 with the promo code 10% off.

Use the promo code = #TRM 

to register here:

Valle Maira Turismo office logo


If you are planning to participate in the exciting MOT trail running races in the picturesque Maira Valley, it is important to have all the information at hand.

As for accommodation, the Where to Sleep link will take you to a selection of welcoming and comfortable options, ideal for restoring body and mind before and after sporting challenges.

To plan your journey to this enchanting destination, visit How to Get There link to have detailed directions on how to reach Valle Maira from different surrounding regions.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like further information, the Contact link will provide you with all the resources you need to get in touch with the MOT race organisers.

Get ready for an exciting experience in the world of trail running and discover everything you need to make your stay and participation unforgettable.

Remember that, if you want free advice on your favorite sport, you can fin them by clicking on the following links:

Finally, there is only one place where you can find all the updated articles, here:

Enjoy our articles and good luck for your races!

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