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Maira Occitan Trail: 4×40 km, 38 km, 18 Km. October, Piedmont – Italy

10.05.2023 @ 6:00 am
10.08.2023 @ 7:00 pm

The Maira Occitan Trail race – powered by Adidas TERREX – takes place in Valle Maira, one of the most beautiful valleys of the Italian Western Alps.

The Maira Occitan Trail races are well know internationally for their natural beauty and cultural heritage.

The organization of the race is higly professional.

You can take advantage of the all-inclusive packages or only the point-to-point shuttle service, included in the cost of your bib.

Read the ful article below to obtain the bib discount granted to the TRM Followers and Athletes.

You can choose between 4 trail running races:

  • MOT 4 x 40Km individual in 4 days – 175K 9.258mt D+ ITRA 4 Points
  • MOT 4 x 40Km relay of 4 athletes – 175K 9.258m D+ in 4 days
  • Meja 38K 2100m D+ ITRA 2 Points
  • Viol 18K 900m D+

Those who don’t run can join the Walk 8k, a non-competitive and free excursion for children under 10 


Contacts: Dronero Tourist Office +39 0171917080

Read more, in this full article about the races and tourism attractions.



Locality: Valle Maira
Distance: 4 x 40 Km
D+: 8.258m