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The shoes are a crucial element for a Trailer as the success of the race depends on them.

The choice of a pair of shoes is conditioned by:

  1. Runner’s characteristics;
  2. Training frequency and type of terrains;
  3.  Runner’s feelings.

Trail shoes belong to Category A5. Upon purchase, we recommend you to try them with trail socks, and wearing them on both feet.

The criteria to be assessed are:

  • Comfort
  • Cushioning
  • Adherence to the foot
  • Protection (toe, sides, heel)
  • Lacing
  • Dynamism (useful criterion for the more experienced trailers)
  • Grip on different terrains
  • Sole
  • Runner/shoes weight ratio.

Team TRM tips:

  • Choose neutral shoes, although as street runner you are pronator or supinator, as a matter of fact except in few cases, the terrain diversity of Trail practice, erase the effect supinator pronator;
  • Buy a bigger size than your everyday shoes, since the feet while running endurance tend to swell;
  • Do not follow the fashion trends, wait to buy new shoes models 6 months or 1 year after the launch, after reading the reviews of the first users, tests on special magazines or on our website;
  • Go for amortized shoes then reactive;
  • Change shoes every 600km because they lose cushioning;
  • Wash the shoes by hand and dry them in air or in heated rooms, away from heat sources and possibly not on direct sunlight;
  • The Gore-Tex is waterproof but if water enters, you will stay wet;
  • Regardless of the choice of shoes, remember that to get the maximum performance you have to prepare and adequately protect your feet.

For more about shoes and the best feet preparation click video or research