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The Test Performance, which consists of 3 different types of tests, enables to obtain a general evaluation on the athlete’s fitness level, evaluate the effectiveness of the training sessions and the evolution of the parameters over time both for road running and for trail running. The variables detected include the Thresholds, Maximum Heart Rate, Reserve and Rest Heart Rate, Maximum Ascent Speed and Maximum Descent Speed of the athlete. The data of each test are analyzed and processed by the TRM Coaches, together with the various Professionals operating in the areas of competence. The TRM Coaches will prepare a report and provide a feedback to the athlete useful for setting up future training plans both independently or with the support of the TRM Team.




The Test Performance enables to receive:

  • a general overview on the effectiveness of the training sessions
  • indications of primary importance on relevant gaps to improve the performance in training and competition
  • an updated report with the Heart Rate Zones to set up the workouts using the heart rate monitor
  • an updated table with the Running Pace Zones to be used for training sessions and road running competitions


The Test Performance is indicated for:

  • trail runners and road runners who train independently and want to have a professional feedback on their training and improve performance


To start the Test Performance you need to:

  • send the necessary documentation for personal identification and fulfillment of legal obligations (identity document, health ID card, medical certificate)
  • proceed to payment

After completing the procedure for the purchase and delivery of the documents, within 2 working days the Secretariat will send you the link to complete the questionnaire.

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