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The TRM Team successfully adopted this test, performed with last generation microchips, since 4 years. The microchips have been used by the TRM Coaches at the Transpyerenea and by Christian Pizzatti at the Trail Running World Championship in 2017. The Glucose Test enables to monitor in real time the level of energy available in the blood and the consumption via innovative wearable sensors (microchips). The data recorded by the sensor, once the test has been completed, are read and processed by the TRM Professional Nutritionist who provide a detailed feedback and report to the athlete regarding level of consumption and reintegration mode adopted during races or training sessions.




The Test Glucose enables to:

  • check blood glucose levels in real time before, during and after the competition or training
  • monitor the athlete’s energy consumption and understand if what he eats and drinks is correct in terms of quantity and quality
  • immediately review and change the intake plan and obtain maximum benefits in terms of performance


The test includes:

  • analysis of daily eating behavior
  • analysis of the nutrition scheme adopted during races or training sessions
  • rent of the equipment necessary to perform the glucose test in training or competition
  • online training on the use of sensors
  • interpretation of the test results and feedback on the athlete’s Diet


The Test Glucose is suitable for:

  • professional athletes who aim to win Regional, National or World Trail Running Championships
  • expert trail runners who want to improve their performance in ultra trail races


To start the Test Glucose you need to:

  • send the necessary documentation for personal identification and fulfillment of legal obligations (identity document, health ID card, medical certificate)
  •  proceed to payment

After completing the procedure for the purchase and delivery of the documents, within 2 working days the Secretariat will send you the link to complete the questionnaire and will confirm the start date.

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