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The TRM Team FIDAL is the TRM National Team affiliated to the Italian Federation of Athletics.

The registration for the TRM Team FIDAL enables to:

  • join the Italian Athletics Federation (FIDAL) as TRM Team ASD
  • participate in all the competitions under the aegis of FIDAL and other Federations connected to it
  • be recognized as a “National” athlete and enter in the official rankings
  • participate in the National Fidal circuits and / or the selections for the World Championships
  • undergo annual medical examinations * with a special discount
  • join the TRM Community, WhatsApp Group, and benefit from special discounts to purchase products, register for races, car sharing, etc.

* in the absence of a medical certificate, the Fidal Membership cannot will be issued. When the medical certificate expires, the Federation will automatically suspend the athlete until the new certificate is presented (the suspension precludes participation in official competitions)




The TRM Team FIDAL membership is purchased with an advance payment and it has an annual calendar duration.
For the conditions related to the membership status and the registration to all competitions, please refer to the FIDAL regulations available on the website
The membership fees include the affiliation to the Italian Athletics Federation, TRM Team ASD Fidal and the Social Uniform, mandatory by FIDAL regulation for all new members (You should wear it at all Fidal competitions).

The membership fees vary depending on whether it is:

  • a first affiliation (the athlete has never been a FIDAL member)
  • a transfer from another Fidal Sports Club in the same Region
  • a transfer from another Fidal Sports Club in a different Region

To be able to proceed with the affiliation you need to:

  • proceed with the payment by choosing among the membership options
  • send the required mandatory documentation

Purchase Conditions


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