The TRM Team EPS is the National Team of TRM affiliated to an Italian Sports Promotion Agency.

Registration with the TRM Team EPS allows to:

  • join the Sports Promotion Agency as a member of the TRM Team ASD
  • take part in all the events / races organized under the aegis of the Sports Promotion Organization or all other EPS or Federations partners
  • benefit from a sports insurance related with with the type of card chosen*
  • undergo annual medical examinations ** with a special discount
  • join the TRM Community, WhatsApp Group, and benefit from special discounts to purchase products, register for races, car sharing, etc.

* the type of card provided is the “basic” one, with a minimum insurance coverage. For information or request for a more extensive sports insurance coverage, write to: info@trmteamasd@gmail.com
** in the absence of a medical certificate, the Membership card cannot will be issued. At the expiry of the medical certificate or the non-renewal of the card the insurance is not valid and the athlete is suspended until the renewal of the card or the delivery of the new sport certificate (the suspension precludes participation in races)




The EPS Card is purchased with an advance payment and the membership is valid for one year. For the conditions of use of the card and the registration to the races, please refer to the EPS regulation. The membership fees includes, in addition to registration to the Association, also a mandatory minimum insurance coverage, but not the TRM Social Uniform, which can be purchased separately.

To be able to proceed with the affiliation you need to:

  • proceed with the payment by choosing among the membership options
  • send the required mandatory documentation

Purchase Conditions


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