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Sport Pass

The TRM Sport Pass is a 2 hours full immersion group running training session program that takes place in Milan and it is exclusively dedicated to the Decathlon Sport Pass Customers. It is suitable both for those who want to tackle for the first time a 5km race or for marathon and experienced ultra marathon runners who want to increase their performance during training and competition. Participants are guided by TRM Certificates Coaches. The main themes of the training session will range from running biomechanics, stretching exercises, sports nutrition and supplementation, equipment and shoes and how to organize your training plan to get ready for a competition. The TRM Sport Pass program takes place outdoor with a practical group running session.




To join the TRM Sport Pass you need to:

  • send the necessary documentation for personal identification and fulfillment of legal obligations (identity document, health ID card, medical certificate)
  • proceed to payment

After completing the procedure for the purchase and delivery of the documents, within 2 working days the Secretariat will send you the link to complete the questionnaire and will confirm all details.

Purchase Conditions


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