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The Abbots Way 123K, 60K, 35K

04.12.2024 @ 2:00 pm
04.14.2024 @ 10:00 am

The Abbots Way  is  an Ultra Trail with a race track that develops on the ancient Ancient Via Degli Abati from Bobbio (PC) to Pontremoli. Participants will take part to a real journey through history.

There are 3 races to choose from:

  • 123km 5.900mt  D + Bobbio Pontremoli/ UTMB 100M qualifier (Nuovo track, passing at km 18° from Monte Aserei 1500mt D+)
  • 60km 2600mt D + Bardi – Pontremoli / UTMB 50K qualifier
  • 35km Borgotaro – Pontremoli


Locality: Pontremoli
Distance: 125
D+: 5.500m
ITRA Points: 5