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Garda Trentino Trail 150K, 62K, 44K, 30K, 11K

05.19.2023 @ 12:00 am
05.21.2023 @ 2:00 pm

The 2023 edition opens with a new race: Garda Trentino Trail Extra, an impressive 150km and over 10,000m of positive elevation gain. Garda Trentino Trail (valid for the Italian Long Trail Championship starting ) is the second most challenging route with 62 km long route with 3.800 m of D+, starting from Riva del Garda (TN) and ending in Arco (TN). A fascinating route that winds through the most important lakes of Garda Trentino (Lake Ledro and Lake Tenno) that leads to the discovery of the villages of Tennese and Prealpi Ledrensi, places rich in history with beautiful landscapes. In addition to the longest distance you can choose from 3 other  races: Ledro Trail 44 km and 2,400 m D+, Tenno Trail 30 km and 1,600 m D+ and Garda Trentino Run (valid for the Italian Short Trail Championship) 11 km with 600 m D+.


  • Garda Trentino Trail Extra: 6 Points/ Qualifier 100M
  • Garda Trentino Trail: 3 Points/ Qualifier 10oK
  • Ledro Trail: 2 Points/ Qualifier 5o km
  • Tenno Trail: 2 Points/ Qualifier 2o km
  • Garda Trentino Run: 0 Points/ No Qualifier


Locality: Arco
Distance: 150 km
D+: 10.000m
ITRA Points: 6